Cambodian Charity Organization (CCO) is a Non-profit. 

it new founded in Cambodia, base in Phnom Penh.

CCO was found to address challenges associated

with the strengthening of partnerships with local

associations and communities

Who we are

Cambodian Charity Organization (CCO) was founded to address challenges associated with the strengthening of partnerships with local associations and communities and the implementation of sustainable education, life skills, clean water, sanitation, healthcare and vocational training development for underprivileged children and the absolute poor families in rural Cambodia while working closely with all stakeholders on a national and international level.

To help drive the charity forward CCO was granted permit number 1917 BR.K by the Ministry of Interior. We have made agreement with any NGOs,

CCO’s agenda is to merger inputs from all of its stakeholders in order to strive in its mission and with new procedures and controls that are in place e.g. more efficient project management, a streamlined senior management team and a specialized finance software to enable it conduct an annual financial audit in order to maximize transparency and accountability.

The activities and target goal within this initiative are the accumulation of dedicated work everyone at CCO is doing, the sincere relationship with local organizations and government agencies, and the generosity of our donors and partners from around the world. CCO looks forward to the future with renewed optimism and the opportunities to enable it help the underprivileged children and absolute poor families in rural Cambodia in achieving a better quality of life and education.

CCO Team proven expertise in the field of education for children, healthcare, sanitation, clean water and agriculture will be instrumental in providing a better quality of life and education programs beneficial to the absolute poor families and their children in rural Cambodia.

The target absolute poor families in remote areas will work together under the supervision and guidance of CCO experts in delivering successful interventions in bilingual education, agriculture, healthcare, clean water and sanitation.

Finally, for the absolute poor families with disabled children CCO and its partners will combine forces to provide tailored education and healthcare programs to the families.

CCO strongly believes that all absolute poor families and underprivileged children in rural Cambodia are entitle to an opportunity to better their livelihood through agriculture and life skills, enable them provide education for their children and have access to healthcare, sanitation and clean water.