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What we do?


CCO’s Programs

Children’s Education

The basic need of every child is to be able to attend school in a safe environment.

The rural schools Cambodia in the middle of open fields with dirt roads, no electricity or toilets are not an ideal learning environment. There is no other equipment but blackboard and chalk in the classrooms. Often there are not enough desks and benches for children to sit. The education is free and universal, yet each child has to have a uniform and school supplies to be able to attend. One realizes that education is a prized possession when one sees most children walking 3 – 4 km (about 1 – 2.5 miles) in each direction on an empty stomach. The children are tiny in stature and often look three years younger than they are. The school classrooms are crowded with three children to a desk and 60 children to a class. Being in the crowded classroom in the midst of the heat, one feels truly stifled. Yet the attention of the students and their thirst for knowledge is astounding.

Cambodian Charity Organization is currently working in three village schools supplying school books and stationery as well as sponsoring 120 poor children. We provide full time Khmer class.

For the future vision and mission:

We will support to more as we can as like computer instructors, English class free and librarians and sports coaches. We have built libraries, kitchens, toilet blocks, playgrounds, sports fields, vegetable gardens, water wells, and Tippy Taps. We regularly bring in experienced teacher volunteers to infuse new ideas and provide teacher training.

We provide a comprehensive puberty curriculum in the secondary school which includes human trafficking awareness and prevention workshops. With the support of CCO we were able to construct a new school building comprised of two English classrooms, a computer lab and a cultural center.

Supplemental Educational Programs

In order for our village children to reach their full potential, we enrich their basic education with additional programs.


Instilling the love of reading is provided by our librarian and an inviting, well stocked library with over 1,000 books in Khmer & English. Daily story reading under the big tree inspires the children to borrow books. Our simple system of library cards is spreading to other schools in Siem Reap and we are spearheading a Library Association initiative.


A significant amount of children are experiencing violence, abuse and exploitation in Cambodia. In CCO’s target areas there is limited information about these issues. There aren’t any organizations are addressing these issues and local authorities are struggling to fulfill their roles to children lack of education.

CCO is implementing projects focused on making CCO communities more aware of child’s education to improve their future. CCO will assist those responsible for children’s education to prevent and respond better to future.

CCO is doing the following to ensure that children are educated, protected and cared for:

Objectives Main Activities
CCO works to improve children’s and community’s ability to protect and care for children

– Awareness raising activities about children’s rights

– Child rights and protection training for families, local authorities and community members

CCO helps improve and strengthen child protection mechanisms and services

– Social protection preparation planning and response for children and families in crisis

– Partnerships with local authorities and services

– Child protection services and support for children and those responsible for children

CCO works to increase children’s knowledge and skills to promote child development

– Educational scholarship program

– School enrollment campaigns

– Future planning and career development activities for children

– Child-friendly schools and preschools


Economic Empowerment

Large portions of the people living in CCO target areas are living in poor conditions. These communities lack access to capital, agricultural resources, fertile land, employment opportunities, vocational and income generation ability and social protection systems.

Poverty, in CCO target areas has resulted in a number of consequences for children and their families such as:

  • Poor health and levels of education
  • Higher vulnerability to exploitation and abuse
  • Lower levels of participation in civic activities

CCO works to reduce the vulnerability of children through improved and sustainable socio-economic livelihoods for communities.

Objectives Main Activities
Increase the number of young people and families who have access to capital and other resources to run businesses and make money

– Self-help savings groups

– Cow and buffalo banks

– Seed business loans

Increase vocational skills, income generation knowledge and support to young people and families


– Business skill development

– Training about farming and agriculture

– Locally developed income generation activities such as: mushroom growing, fish raising, soy milk production and wine production

Improve sanitation and access to water so that villagers can work productively


– Health education about hand washing, toilet use and preventable diseases

– Construction of water wells and toilets

– Partner with the department of health , rural development and other NGOs

Social Empowerment

Children report low rates of decision making power in decisions that affect their lives. Research has shown that Khmer children generally do not express their views within the family or community environment. Amongst the poorest families, few are engaged in village or commune planning processes.

Social empowerment for children may be in conflict with traditions and social norms and could be seen as a form of disobedience or lack of respect for elders. However, listening to children’s views can add insight into challenges facing them and their families, which can lead to effective solutions.

CCO plans to increase the ability, opportunity, and confidence of children and their families to plan and share decisions in their own lives and the lives of other people as appropriate, in keeping with Khmer culture.


Objectives Main Activities
Increase opportunities for more children and families to participate in local planning, decision making processes and community initiatives

– Community empowerment forums

– Participation of families in village development plans

– Community based research conducted by youth

Improve the confidence, skills and knowledge of children and families so they can actively participate in family and community planning and decision making

– Self-help groups whose members receive training on poverty analysis and planning

– Leadership programs for children and families

– Children councils and clubs

Increase the relevance of community and local authority development plans in relation to the stated priorities of the community, especially children.

– Youth participation in planning processes

– Support local authorities to include villagers in community planning processes

CCO Capability and Sustainability

CCO has identified that it needs to further strengthen its funding and resources to meet the challenges of the communities it serves.

CCO has committed to strengthening its quality of services through learning and development programs for staff, as well as strengthen their monitoring and evaluation systems in order to clearly understand the impacts that CCO is having in communities.

The following is being done to build CCO’s sustainability and capability to meet challenges:

Objectives Main Activities
– Prepare CCO to become more financially self-sufficient in the long-term

– Improving and monitoring evaluation systems

– Exploration of additional funding resources

– Increase CCO funding levels and improve funding arrangements to better promote the development of the organization – Seeking new donors and strengthening relationships with existing donors

– Improve the quality of services


– Document and share good practices

– Revise CCO’s organizational roles and structure

– Strengthen partnerships with other organizations

– Develop a capable and diverse team


– Learning and development programs for staff at all project sites

– Creation of a larger volunteer base with local and foreign volunteers

Women & Child Health Care

Cambodia has suffered from genocide and civil war for decades. During the Khmer Rouge regime (1975-1979) between 1.5 million and 2.5 million people ‘disappeared’ under the eye of Pol Pot. In order to convict the leaders of this ‘regime of terror’ the Cambodian Tribunal has been set up. In 2010 the first conviction occurred.

Although the first democratic elections were held in 1993, it is only since 1999 that the country has enjoyed a degree of political stability and the complex process of political, economic and social rebuilding has started. Despite the political and economic improvements the health status of the Cambodian population is still among the poorest in the world. The Education, Health reforms, with respect to the basic elements of a potentially effective public health system, are partially in place in Cambodia, but there is still a mismatch between the needs of the population and the ability of the health services to meet them.

Clean Water

Water Wells

Each water well & filter costs $500 – 2500$ and provides a family and its immediate neighbors with easily accessible hand pumped clean water with Purification system inside. On an average, 1 water well supplies 11 people. Without it, these/ change to: Prior to installing water wells, village families, mostly women and children, would have to collect dirty water from stagnant pools or contaminated streams. It takes one day each to dig a well and then pour the concrete. Digging the well employs three people. The drills we use are handheld to make is easier and more accessible. Each well has a signboard and this employs yet another person. The villagers are taught how to take care of their well.

At present, we work in Kampong Seila Commune and surrounding areas. Kampong Seila has 5 villages, with a total 150 households. 30 household, We have moved our new water well construction to Chamsrey village &  Krang Ath with a total of  in 15  villages. We have provided over 1200 water wells to date, serving 9650 people.

CCO’s aim is to develop an enterprise that not only provides an additional second source of revenue for the organization, but also meets a needs gap within the community and aligns with CCO’s values and mission.

The Ecolife Water is the social enterprise of CCO. We have re-invested the profits into development programs for the benefits of poor children.

Our Mission is focus first 6 provinces:

There are; Sihanouk Ville; Kampot; Kampong Spue; Kampong Cham; Kraties, Kampong..

We had working in Sihanouk villes for main location that we start our programs. We had donation Water Purification Tablet about 150 households with each families got 15 tabs to each families.