This is called a School, where it’s located in Cham Srey Village, Kampong Seila Sihanouk Ville. It’s about 120km from Phnom Penh town. This small shade can fit thirty student in one session of class. Even with a very basic facilities but the spirit from hard life, the kids fill the class with crowd. All the student came from poverty family, they cant afford to go to school that supported by government because of the transportation and money. This small school build by villager.

Faces of hope, there have a lot of things for we to digs inside of our heart and translated by action. They are really need our help.  We as humans are supposed to have heart and feelings to them. This is not because of country, not because of religions, they are not so lucky like us.

Hard life but strong heart. We can help them by support our project to build a better school with new environment for good learning and teaching.

Low light in the classroom. In our project planning we proposed to build a mini sola station to generate power to bright the class and bright their future as well.

A very severe conditions in the classroom, all around the wall have a holes, it’s will distracting while the sun rays spread the rays thru holes.

Together we help them for their future

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