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On Behalf of Cambodian Charity Organization, We write to ask you to support our organization for the charity with donation fundraising campaign as mentioned above. Each donation help sustain our organization and benefit the community that we serve.
Donation will focused on the kids’ education at outskirt of town of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where the community lived in poverty. We have a programs for three schools to be upgraded in facilities such as school buildings and sanitation system and for education programs, e.g. Life skill- for their life environment, Water Purification System and pump donations, Agriculture training, health care.
We are counting on your support. We do hope that you will response positively to our written request. Your donation will be recognized in our program book, chlid education for rural areas, poor villager for food donation and support training with modern technology for farming training programs to reduce poverty, lake educations in rurals. etc..
Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!


Your Sincerely!

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Clean Water

In Cambodia, access to safe and sustainable drinking water and adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities remains a challenge, particularly for families in rural areas. Polluted ponds and rivers remain the main source of water for cleaning, bathing and drinking, and access to latrines and hand washing facilities in the home and at school are limited.

Although an increasing number of rural households are securing adequate water supplies, ensuring water quality is a challenge. Water contaminated by faeces or polluted as a result of mining and other industrial activities can lead to illness and death among children.

RADIO FREE ASIA reported that the lack of access to clean water leaves Cambodian children vulnerable to diseases such as diarrhea, which is the second leading cause of death among children under five, according to UNICEF. The problem is costing money and lives in Cambodia, and in order to improve health outcomes, authorities should also pay attention to improving sanitation in both households and public institutions, the agency said.

Some 40 percent of primary schools and 35 percent of health centers in the country do not have access to safe water and sanitation, it said.

Water Wells

Each water well & filter costs $10000 and provides a family and its immediate neighbors with easily accessible hand pumped clean water with Purification system inside. On an average, 1 water well supplies 11 people. Without it, these/ change to: Prior to installing water wells, village families, mostly women and children, would have to collect dirty water from stagnant pools or contaminated streams. It takes one day each to dig a well and then pour the concrete. Digging the well employs three people. The drills we use are handheld to make is easier and more accessible. Each well has a signboard and this employs yet another person. The villagers are taught how to take care of their well.
At present, we work in Kampong Seila Commune and surrounding areas. Kampong Seila has 5 villages, with a total 150 households. 30 household, We have moved our new water well construction to Chamsrey village &  Krang Ath with a total of  in 15  villages. We have provided over 1200 water wells to date, serving 9650 people. CCO’s aim is to develop an enterprise that not only provides an additional second source of revenue for the organization, but also meets a needs gap within the community and aligns with CCO’s values and mission.  The Ecolife Water is the social enterprise of CCO. We have re-invested the profits into development programs for the benefits of poor children.
CCO had identified that it need to further strengthen and resource to meet the challenges of the communities it servise.


Your Sincerely!


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