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Children’s Education and Project
The basic need of every child is to be able to attend school in a safe environment.

The rural schools Cambodia in the middle of open fields with dirt roads, no electricity or toilets are not an ideal learning environment. There is no other equipment but blackboard and chalk in the classrooms. Often there are not enough desks and benches for children to sit. The education is free and universal, yet each child has to have a uniform and school supplies to be able to attend. One realizes that education is a prized possession when one sees most children walking 3 km (about 2 miles) in each direction on an empty stomach. The children are tiny in stature and often look three years younger than they are. The school classrooms are crowded with three children to a desk and 60 children to a class. Being in the crowded classroom in the midst of the heat, one feels truly stifled. Yet the attention of the students and their thirst for knowledge is astounding.

Cambodian Charity Organization is currently working in three village schools supplying school books and stationery as well as sponsoring 120 poor children. We provide full time Khmer class.

For the future vision and mission:

We will support to more as we can as like computer instructors, English class free and librarians and sports coaches. We have built libraries, kitchens, toilet blocks, playgrounds, sports fields, vegetable gardens, water wells, and Tippy Taps. We regularly bring in experienced teacher volunteers to infuse new ideas and provide teacher training.

We provide a comprehensive puberty curriculum in the secondary school which includes human trafficking awareness and prevention workshops. With the support of CCO we were able to construct a new school building comprised of two English classrooms, a computer lab and a cultural center.

Supplemental Educational Programs

In order for our village children to reach their full potential, we enrich their basic education with additional programs.


Instilling the love of reading is provided by our librarian and an inviting, well stocked library with over 1,000 books in Khmer & English. Daily story reading under the big tree inspires the children to borrow books. Our simple system of library cards is spreading to other schools in Siem Reap and we are spearheading a Library Association initiative.

A significant amount of children are experiencing violence, abuse and exploitation in Cambodia. In CCO’s target areas there is limited information about these issues. There aren’t any organizations are addressing these issues and local authorities are struggling to fulfill their roles to children lack of education.

CCO is implementing projects focused on making CCO communities more aware of child’s education to improve their future. CCO will assist those responsible for children’s education to prevent and respond better to future.

On behalf of CAMBODIAN CHARITY ORGANIZATION (CCO), we would like to express our deeply and sincerely respect to and thank for all donators/donors at all levels in the community who have been donated its valuable fund into CCO in construction project for building two primary school buildings in Oddar Manchey and Siem Reap  provinces to build up the value of life and future of Cambodian children in very remote areas to obtain their basic education.

Urgent Funding Needs

On behalf of CAMBODIAN CHARITY ORGANIZATION (CCO) and in capacity of Chairman/President of CCO, we would like to inform you all that presently, the Board of Directors of the Foundation has approved to build next 10 concreted primary school buildings of which one is in Preah Vihear, Odormean Chhey, Siem Reap, Porsat province  and other one is in Mundul Kiri provinces. One concreted primary school building has five classrooms and two toilets equipped with study tables, chairs and others following the standard design and modality of the Ministry of Education, Youths and Sports. Each school building can accommodate at least 1200 students. The budget for these two primary school buildings will be at least US$2,000,000 (Two Millions US Dollars).
1. Here school picture in Siem Reap Province ( Chhob Romdeng Village, Kantuot commune, Svay Ler District).






Foundation plans to start building these two concreted primary school buildings in 2019 and plans to complete the construction in June 2030. The construction project will be directly managed, supervised and monitored by a team of experienced and qualified engineers of CCO.  Please kindly find the current photos of two school buildings which the Foundation plans to replace with a concreted school building.

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Thank you for considering a gift to support us. We pledge to value your trust and use your donation to provide the highest quality of care to our beneficiaries.

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