Poverty is a stumbling block in the way of achieving economic development. Education is promulgated as a primary weapon.

Could have not happened without the assistance and support from others. They needs our attention for their future and generations. World civilization changed but we left they BEHIND!. Are we civilized people?

Please support our program to build the future of this kids for a better life and forming this world with beautiful people.

Refer to the photos, this school is located at Sihanoukville province, Cham Srey Village and 130km from the Phnom Penh. The school can only cooped for 20 to 25 student each sessions. The students ages from 7 to 13 years old studied together in one class with crowded. Their courage to get knowledge should be appreciated even with a very less facilities. Sanitation system are most important to ensure the environment of learning for student to give concentration and a good health as well.

Your consideration and attention on our programs and projects in present and future are highly appreciated.

This tiny building called a school for the kids and the education center for the adults.

Distribution of Education kits for students

From inside of the classroom, needs a proper building for the effective study environment.

The president of CCO (white Tshirt)) give a briefing to Chief District Officer regarding the activities and planing for the kids development.

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