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Wells and Filter System Raising Campaign Program

Wells and Filter System Raising Campaign Program

Dear Donors and Friends of CCO,

Over these last weeks, I have been trying to understand the impact of a global pandemic on the poorest among us. In a word, the situation is crippling. Even one day without work means no food on the table. Even one day without income means that children are torn from school to work in any way possible. Many of us cannot even fathom such a situation for our own families.

We are approaching one month when the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Imagine what these men, women, and children are experiencing after a month of no work, additional mouths to feed, and restrictions on contact. It is a heartbreaking scenario.

Many of our neighbors in Cambodia that Cambodian Charity Organization supports are facing a dire future. Cambodian Charity Organization itself is sorely lacking in funds to operate – one of our main sources of funding came from our team house and school building program – which of course has ground to a halt with a travel stop.

We’d like to extend an appeal to you, our donor family. Please don’t forget about those who truly need a roof over their heads or food to feed their family. We know that there is a high level of uncertainty. Whatever you can spare is a blessing to us. We would love to utilize our Cambodia staff to build houses for the people that were promised one through our team building program, School cost.
All you can make donations here are our Organization Bank information for receive donation via: :

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AsiaWieluy account number: 1401 CAMBODIAN CHARITY ORGANIZATION 

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Beneficiary Address: #03, Suit I22; Phum Khmuonh, Sangkat Khmuonh, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Beneficiary Contact No: (+855) 96 215 7777 ; 71 356 7777 ; 70 537 788.
Account No: 38630341677777
Swift Code: ACLBKHPP

Bank Name: ACLEDA Bank Plc.
Bank Address: Lot 1580, National Road N0 5, Group 1, Sameaki Village, Sangkat
Russey Keo, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Bank Officer: MR. HENG BRASAT
Bank Officer Contact No: +85510500172
Bank Officer Email: pht@acledabank.com.kh

Beneficiary Bank Account: Cambodian Charity Organization
Beneficiary Address: #03, Suit I22; Phum Khmuonh, Sangkat Khmuonh, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Beneficiary Contact No: (+855) 96 215 7777 ; 71 356 7777 ; 70 537 788.
Account Number: 000308489
Account Signatory (1): BADEL KHAN

Bank Name: Advance Bank of Asia Limited
Street Address: Corner Street 134 & 169 Sangkat Veal Vong, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Bank Officer # 1 Name: Ms. Sar Sokunthy
Telephone Number: +85581630643

We wish you and your family good health and prosperous times ahead.

Have a read below on the impacts of COVID-19 on the households and families in rural Cambodia.

Kind Regards,
Badel Khan
Founder & Chairman

Our Project

CAMBODIAN CHARITY ORGANIZATION Team had been working close to the villager. There are about 65 families in 2 villages (Krang Eth Village and Kampong Seila villages), Because these 2 village very close to one big river and people always take river water for usage daily (Cooking, Shower and for drinking) without filters or clean water in correct ways. Weekly they are spending a lot on medical to protect their health. Mostly happened to children that make lost school class. To follow government policy and advise all NGOs that operation in Cambodia to help the government by the support and help poor people to reduce poverty people in Cambodia. So Cambodian Charity Organization had prepared a proposal to submit to world NGO and company donors to request financial support by build concrete Well with a filter system to make water safe for poor people in the area and another village can come to take clean water that village also.

In operating the program, Cambodian Charity Organization and funder have to pay for the cost to our officers to control construction and investigate in our activities borders. And provide other equipment as like:

1Water Filter1set
2Water Tank 5000liters1
4Sola Panel2
5Electric Line50 meters
6Pipe PVC50 meters
7Wood/steel to build a tower……
8Monthly equipment support  100 USD
9Phone cost and InternetExactly cost

Plan Mission: To reduce risk and health protect program support by government and funder through Water Well filter donate program to increase people economic via Clean water usage.

Purpose and Goal:
Purpose: – Want villagers to have clean usage as people living in the city
                 – want villagers to have safe water to drink and for cooking and want change poor
                   the village had better life living than before.

Goal:– want villagers understood with necessary about clean water
               – Our plan will do more with other villages, communes, and province wherever met water disease    
                  and no Well or pond or lake need our help and support.
               – Want to join with the government to reduce poverty and make the rural area have clean water supplies as in a city with lowest cost expense than in the city.

Result Expected: Our program will gots more funder supports to increase areas to build concrete water well for support to villagers. Got fund for build high standard for supplies big commune with lowest cost for help poor to increase their profit and economic growth by this plan increase areas constructions.


Plan:                                                Plan List

No.Plan Name      Practice PlanLocationUnitAmountOther
1Water Well Program support by Cambodian Charity Organization and Funders (Funder Organization name)National PlanPhum Krang Eth, Kampong Seila commune, Kampong Seila District, Sihanouk Ville province.11 

Cambodian Charity Organization Fund’s list

No.EquipmentAmountPrices USD
1Water Filter 1.5m1set5000
2Water Tank 5000liters1500
3Battery 220V1150
4Sola Panel22500
5Electric Line50 meters150
6Pipe PVC50 meters1200
7Wood/steel to build the tower……500
8Monthly equipment support                2500
9Phone cost and InternetExactly cost50
10Wage support staff for Practice plan 2500
11Other expense 550
10Total ————

Cambodian Charity Organization Office Activities Practice Plan

No.Date:      /     /2021CashOfficer ManagerActivitiesOther
102/Feb/2021—–Cheif village Deputy OfficersGo to visite the locationsFollow plan
212/Feb/2021——-Cheif Communse Deputy OfficersInvestigate the practice plan and give equipmentNoteBook to write activities on the practice plan
320/Fen/2021——–Chief District Deputy OfficersGo to visit and check to construct technicalMake report daily for Org
4../…….. /2021   Close the report when finish practice plan and send the report to funders.

 Cost expense in one project done. 

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