Date: 13th December 2018.

Cambodian Charity Organization and donors Team Volunteers from Malaysia and Germany had bring some food to donation to poor families at Krang Ath village about 42 families, each families received donation as like Rice 25kg, and other ingredient. At Same time Cambodian Charity had give them the water purification tablets call Aquatabs, each families received donation 1 pack = 15 tablets. about 45$. this tablet could help them from water disease from unclean water. Aquatabs┬« is important tablets for them to produce clean water easy ways. and can use with many types of water (lake, river, pool water…….), by following Aquatabs instruction that we have translated and make presentation for them spend-less time and no need to boil water.
Mean while, Cambodian Charity Organization have high modern water purification products for poor families in rural slam also, this kind of product can help a lot of poverty families in Cambodia. and help government of rural development. We are looking for donation support on our project.