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Most of Cambodian people is in well-documented crisis relating to poverty lack of development, lack of education and diseases in rural and use much with chemical fertilize. for our Business project and looking for investors can download for  investors interest drop fund financial broker. Cambodian Charity Organization
Kingdom of Cambodia is a favorable country, situated in tropical area with the Mosong climate (warm & wet). Average annual rainfall is 1.900 mm maximum and 1.000 mm minimum. Of course, the temperature 320C maximum and 220C minimum, which is good for plantations such as agricultural plantation, other forests and living of animals and humans, especially very good for very good paddy plantation.

Depending on the good conditions from the nature to all kinds of agricultural plantations, Royal Government of Kingdom of Cambodia has determined that agriculture field is the priority and plays the most significant role for national development because:
– Agricultural is the important factor which Kingdom of Cambodia is able to win or struggle over neighbor countries;
– 80% of Cambodian people are farmers, feeding their lives through growing vegetable gardens, cornfields and other agricultural plantation, especially paddy plantation;

– land is full of fertilized soils which is most suitable for agriculture plantation;
– There are large and free lands, needed development;

Agricultural field is one of other fields, determined as the priority and the policies change this field to right form such as:
– Political activity creations and agricultural field development programs by prompting to increase in productions for adding high values to the national revenues;
– Guarantee for the stable price of domestic products, such as Paddy, Corn, Bean, Potato, Cassava…..etc.
– Advocacy of private programs through offering micro-finance, seeds or fertilizers and others for the purpose of local poverty reductions and of lacking of food supply in harvesting years;
– Increasing and wild
-open of business for domestic, international and Humanitarian Charity to support government reduction poverty people.

In 2015, the population of Cambodian was 15 million people. Today its population has increase day by day and demand on food production also increase and depend on close border country import.
CCO is developing Project Canaan in partnership with successful business people in country, who are working in collaboration with talented, experienced and educated business individuals from over sea country and CCO’s TEAM to create a unique, tailor made organization that meets the needs of Cambodian children living in object poverty in Cambodia and donate to other countries in AIDS has destroyed many lives. Project Canaan’s Agricultural operation in Sihanouk VILLE areas will provide food for children’s home that live in small home that CCO support.
Excess produce will sold to pay farm operating expenses with excess income used subsidize other essential costs such as children’s education and medical care, education material, staff salaries in the home and more. it is the stated goal of Project Canaan to assist CCO home to become self-sustaining.
– Feeds a significant number of starving Cambodian Childrens.
– Improve the nutrition health of those children and educations
– Provide a safe and secure home environment for orphaned and vulnerable children (CCO)
– Provide schools for the education of children both among our CCO’s and in community.
– Provide vocational training opportunities for our mature childrens.
– Provide stable employment for people in community
– Provide a medical clinic to care for Orphan Children, Women, Old Human care. and the people in community
– Improve the quality of agri-business in the country through greenhouse hydroponics, fish farming, dairy farming, food processing and marketing and ISO approved exportation.
– Provide Motel for poverty’s student as home stay for their study in the city or CCO’s University.
– Provide Book Printing factory for education’s requirement, Garment Student’s Uninform factory, Bike cycle Factory.
– Provide Home stay volunteer’s Doctor, Teachers or professors from over sea or technical.

– The Cambodian Charity Organization (CCO) free of poverty & hunger and malnutrition with an emphasis on the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children.
– Organic Farm will be offer products with free chemical, real organic food, We has freight service or delivery service to. Logo Standard Food Stamp from government officer and WFHO.
– Our Vision is want to Cambodia become a best country that exported organic product biggest in Asian. To again poverty people in location through job offer all kind jobs for working. And reduce people in local run out the village to move to find job in other countries as like Thailand and mores. increase their income through job offer with high wages and support to offer scholarship to their children to study at university and abroad follow by CCO’s offering.

To be a premier Organization committed to providing and promoting leadership in sustainable agriculture, and advanced crop and animal production. Children’s education, women & children health care, water safe to drinking.

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