Dear Donors and Friends of CCO,

Over these last weeks, I have been trying to understand the impact of a global pandemic on the poorest among us. In a word, the situation is crippling. Even one day without work means no food on the table. Even one day without income means that children are torn from school to work in any way possible. Many of us cannot even fathom such a situation for our own families.

We are approaching one month when the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Imagine what these men, women, and children are experiencing after a month of no work, additional mouths to feed, and restrictions on contact. It is a heartbreaking scenario.

Many of our neighbors in Cambodia that Cambodian Charity Organization supports are facing a dire future. Cambodian Charity Organization itself is sorely lacking in funds to operate – one of our main sources of funding came from our team house and school building program – which of course has ground to a halt with a travel stop.

We’d like to extend an appeal to you, our donor family. Please don’t forget about those who truly need a roof over their heads or food to feed their family. We know that there is a high level of uncertainty. Whatever you can spare is a blessing to us. We would love to utilize our Cambodia staff to build houses for the people that were promised one through our team building program, School cost.

We wish you and your family good health and prosperous times ahead.

Have a read below on the impacts of COVID-19 on the households and families in rural Cambodia.

Kind Regards,
Badel Khan
Founder & Chairman


  • Cooperate with the Royal Government agencies, other NGOs and NPOs, Associations, rural poverty communities, and other development partners to improve the livelihood of underprivileged children and absolute poverty families in rural Cambodia through sustainable education and capacity building school and sports fields training and play.
  • Encourage and assist the absolute poverty families in rural Cambodia provide education, life skills and vocational training for their children.


  • Provide sustainable education and facilities on clean water for health
  • Provide free mobile health checks and medication
  • Provide clean water solutions (education) and equipment
  • Provide sanitary solutions (education) and equipment
  • Provide transport, uniform, lesson books.
  • Safe and sustainable sanitation, hygiene and drinking water used by all, Safer water safer world
  • Everyone has water, sanitation, and hygiene at home.
  • All schools and health centers have water, sanitation and hygiene Water, sanitation and hygiene are equitable and sustainable.
  • Free of hunger and malnutrition with an emphasis on the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children
  • To be a premier organization committed to providing and promoting leadership in sustainable agriculture, and advanced crop and animal production.


To donate, where needed, our research, design, experience, and guidance to implement a sustainable, business-based framework and services that reduce extreme poverty and the number of orphans in a community. We empower local citizens to build job-creating commercial-sized, organic, food-producing businesses with training, fair wages, benefits and opportunities for ownership – an Economic Engine that uses its profits to continually replicate itself creating more jobs and development of poverty-free Sustainable Family Communities.

Donation for Children Education

the basic need of every child is to be able to attend school in a safe environment.
The rural schools in Cambodia in the middle of open fields with dirt roads, no electricity or toilets are not an ideal learning environment. There is no other equipment but blackboard and chalk in the classrooms. Often there are not enough desks and benches for children to sit. The education is free and universal, yet each child has to have a uniform and school supplies to be able to attend. One realizes that education is a prized possession when one sees most children walking 3 km (about 2 miles) in each direction on an empty stomach.

The children are tiny in stature and often look three years younger than they are. The school classrooms are crowded with three children to a desk and 60 children in a class. Being in the crowded classroom in the midst of the heat, one feels truly stifled. Yet the attention of the students and their thirst for knowledge is astounding.

Cambodian Charity Organization is currently working in three village schools supplying school books and stationery as well as sponsoring 120 poor children. We provide full-time Khmer classes.
For the future vision and mission:
We will support to much as we can as like computer instructors, English class free, and librarians and sports coaches. We have built libraries, kitchens, toilet blocks, playgrounds, sports fields, vegetable gardens, water wells, and Tippy Taps. We regularly bring inexperienced teacher volunteers to infuse new ideas and provide teacher training.

We provide a comprehensive puberty curriculum in the secondary school which includes human trafficking awareness and prevention workshops. With the support of CCO, we were able to construct a new school building comprised of two English classrooms, a computer lab, and a cultural center.

Supplemental Educational Programs

In order for our village children to reach their full potential, we enrich their basic education with additional programs.
Instilling the love of reading is provided by our librarian and an inviting, well-stocked library with over 1,000 books in Khmer & English. Daily story reading under the big tree inspires the children to borrow books. Our simple system of library cards is spreading to other schools in Cham Srey Village and we are spearheading a Library Association initiative.

We encourage the brightest and most dedicated students to attend high school by providing scholarships and support for their families. We provide funds for their school supplies, clothing, and bicycles and support the poorest families with extra rice. Support a scholarship – Annual Cost $400 and provides books, clothes, rice for family, and monthly tuition fee for Grades 10-12.

The lack of clean water in Cambodia

Cambodia’s water and sanitation crisis, Approximately 4 million people out of the total population in Cambodia lack access to safe water, and 6 million lack access to improved sanitation. With approximately 80 percent of Cambodians living in rural areas, poor access to safe water and sanitation disproportionately affects its rural communities. Although Cambodia has one the fastest growing economies in Asia, the GDP per capita still remains low compared to neighboring countries, and access to affordable financing for water and sanitation remains a barrier for families in need to secure water connections and toilets for their homes.

We are here to bring safe water and sanitation to the world through access to small, affordable by your donations.

From your small amount fund donated is not equal cost your spend everyday. Your just spend 1 to 250USD to donate on our Charity Program, it mean that you had joint the world the bring safety water drinking for rural of Cambodia, where got disaster or lack of unsafe waters.
We can bring them with hygian water filter high quality and dig a well for those poor families, villages, commune, and other area in hold of Cambodia.

Eco-life Water filter completed products and we also had sell on donate cooperation with Singapore Water filters.

Please support us by donate some fund from your pocket to make us can bring all these type filter to help Poor People in Cambodia.


Most Cambodian people are in well-documented crisis relating to poverty lack of development, lack of education, and diseases in rural and use much with chemical fertilizer.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a favorable country, situated in tropical areas with the Mo-song climate (warm & wet). Average annual rainfall is 1.900 mm maximum and 1.000 mm minimum. Of course, the temperature 320C maximum and 220C minimum, which is good for plantations such as agricultural plantation, other forests, and living of animals and humans, especially very good for very good paddy plantation.

Depending on the good conditions from nature to all kinds of agricultural plantations, the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia has determined that the agriculture field is the priority and plays the most significant role in national development.

We’re looking funders support Our organization Humanitarian’s project

To give poor people to have job more 500 location and skill, we also provide scholarship from our Org’s project fields,

In 2015, the population of Cambodian was 15 million people. Today its population has increase day by day and demand on food production also increase and depend on close border country import. CCO is developing Project Canaan in partnership with successful business people in country, who are working in collaboration with talented, experienced and educated business individuals from over sea country and CCO’s TEAM to create a unique, tailor made organization that meets the needs of Cambodian children living in object poverty in Cambodia and donate to other countries in AIDS has destroyed many lives. Project Canaan’s Agricultural operation in Sihanouk VILLE areas will provide food for children’s home that live in small home that CCO support. Excess produce will sold to pay farm operating expenses with excess income used subsidize other essential costs such as children’s education and medical care, education material, staff salaries in the home and more. it is the stated goal of Project Canaan to assist CCO home to become self-sustaining.
If you are looking for start up business in Cambodia. Please collaborate with us. We got big opportunity to start.

Please contact us for First Sustainable Cambodian Agro Resort Project.