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To help drive the charity forward CCO was granted permit number 1917 BR.K by the Ministry of Interior. We have made agreement with any NGOs.


Cambodian Charity is supporting local government efforts to education, women & child health care, women new born care, agriculture and clean water.


Volunteers are a treasured resource for the organisation and their contributions have made the Cambodian Charity Organisation (CCO)  movement what it is.


the underprivileged children and absolute poor families in rural Cambodia in achieving a better quality of life and education. Donate now!

Message from President of Cambodian Charity Organization

Cambodian Charity Organisation

H.E. Badel Khan, A President of CCO

He work in UN 2 years and He is an Advisor to Heng Samrin Chairman of National Assembly the Cambodia for 8 years.

Dear partner ,donor and friend,

Cambodian Charity Organization (CCO) was founded to address challenges associated with the strengthening of partnerships with local associations and communities and the implementation of sustainable education, life skills, clean water, sanitation, healthcare and vocational training development for underprivileged children and the absolute poor families in rural Cambodia while working closely with all stakeholders on a national and international level.

To help drive the charity forward CCO was granted permit number 1917 BR.K by the Ministry of Interior.

CCO’s agenda is to merger inputs from all of its stakeholders in order to strive in its mission and with new procedures and controls that are in place e.g. more efficient project management, a streamlined senior management team and a specialized finance software to enable it conduct an annual financial audit in order to maximize transparency and accountability.

The activities and target goal within this initiative are the accumulation of dedicated work everyone at CCO is doing, the sincere relationship with local organizations and government agencies, and the generosity of our donors and partners from around the world. CCO looks forward to the future with renewed optimism and the opportunities to enable it help the underprivileged children and absolute poor families in rural Cambodia in achieving a better quality of life and education.

June 14, 2016

President Signature




Mr. Thun Rathvichet

Mr. Thun Rathvichet

Deputy Director

He work in communication with government for 15 Years.

Mr. Kim Rattana

Mr. Kim Rattana


He work in Lawyer industry for 10 years

Mrs. KUNTHEA CHHORNG (Convert Muslim Name: Nuat Niza )

Mrs. KUNTHEA CHHORNG (Convert Muslim Name: Nuat Niza )

Doctor (General Medical Doctor)

She had been working in Medical, Nurse & Assistant to Japanese Doctor for 6 years



Advisor & Ambassador Affair Relations for donation

He has been working as Executive Ham Conctruction 15 years overs. And He was become Volunteers at Cambodian Charity Organisations!

Mr. Chhorng Bun Heang

Mr. Chhorng Bun Heang

General Manager

He work for 10 years in tourism and hospitality industry

Mr. Sok Sam Ath

Mr. Sok Sam Ath

IT Manager

He work in IT industry for 9 years

Mrs. Sok Chanry

Mrs. Sok Chanry

HR Manager

she work for 10 years in communication industry

Mrs. Rim Borey

Mrs. Rim Borey

Administration Manager

She work for 8 years in NGOs industry


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