Main problems faced by children in Cambodia


Around 30% of the population lives below the poverty line in Cambodia, a country that is just recovering from a violent war that tore it apart at the end of the 20th century. The State is equally marked by a strong disparity between urban and rural areas. This poverty touches children most of all, who as a result suffer from malnutrition and marginal life conditions.

Right to Water

Access to potable water is a very serious problem in Cambodia that affects rural zones in particular. In fact, in these regions only around 16% of the population has access to potable water, and it should be known that around 80% of Cambodians live in the country. Because of this, numerous children die from diarrhea illness and hygiene remains equally problematic: households and even schools are not always equipped with toilets.

Right to Education

Currently, more than 10% of Cambodian children do not go to school. Access to education for young girls is even more restricted since only 20% of them go to a secondary school.

Even if the education rate has improved in the past few years, the conditions of education are deplorable. The material and hygiene in schools are largely inadequate. Also, children combine work and school and so can’t study in good conditions.

Cambodian first large sustainable farming project

Most Cambodian people are in well-documented crisis relating to poverty lack of development, lack of education, and diseases in rural and use much with chemical fertilizer.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a favorable country, situated in tropical areas with the Mo-song climate (warm & wet). The average annual rainfall is 1.900 mm maximum and 1.000 mm minimum. Of course, the temperature 320C maximum and 220C minimum, which is good for plantations such as agricultural plantation, other forests, and living of animals and humans, especially very good for very good paddy plantation.

Depending on the good conditions from nature to all kinds of agricultural plantations, the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia has determined that the agriculture field is the priority and plays the most significant role in national development.

We’re looking funders support Our organization Humanitarian’s project

To give poor people to have a job in more than 500 locations and skills, we also provide scholarships from our Org’s project fields, In 2015, the population of Cambodians was 15 million people. Today its population has increase day by day and demand on food production also increase and depend on close border country import. CCO is developing Project Canaan in partnership with successful business people in the country, who are working in collaboration with talented, experienced, and educated business individuals from overseas country and CCO’s TEAM to create a unique, tailor-made organization that meets the needs of Cambodian children living in abject poverty in Cambodia and donate to other countries in AIDS has destroyed many lives. Project Canaan’s Agricultural operation in Sihanouk VILLE areas will provide food for children’s homes that live in a small home that CCO support. Excess produce will be sold to pay farm operating expenses with excess income used to subsidize other essential costs such as children’s education and medical care, education material, staff salaries in the home, and more. it is the stated goal of Project Canaan to assist CCO home to become self-sustaining.
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