• Cooperate with the Royal Government agencies, other NGOs and NPOs, Associations, rural poverty communities, and other development partners to improve the livelihood of underprivileged children and absolute poverty families in rural Cambodia through sustainable education and capacity building school and sports fields training and play.
    • Encourage and assist the absolute poverty families in rural Cambodia provide education, life skills and vocational training for their children.
    • Provide sustainable education and facilities on clean water for health
    • Provide free mobile health checks and medication
    • Provide clean water solutions (education) and equipment
    • Provide sanitary solutions (education) and equipment
    • Provide transport, uniform, lesson books.
    • Safe and sustainable sanitation, hygiene and drinking water used by all, Safer water safer world
    • Everyone has water, sanitation, and hygiene at home.
    • All schools and health centers have water, sanitation and hygiene Water, sanitation and hygiene are equitable and sustainable.
    • Free of hunger and malnutrition with an emphasis on the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children
    • To be a premier organization committed to providing and promoting leadership in sustainable agriculture, and advanced crop and animal production.

    To donate, where needed, our research, design, experience, and guidance to implement a sustainable, business-based framework and services that reduce extreme poverty and the number of orphans in a community. We empower local citizens to build job-creating commercial-sized, organic, food-producing businesses with training, fair wages, benefits and opportunities for ownership – an Economic Engine that uses its profits to continually replicate itself creating more jobs and development of poverty-free Sustainable Family Communities.